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Problems on Logging onto Windows 2003 PDC

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The company I am working with, as an IT Manager, has 30 workstations & three of them are running under Mac OS X86 10.4.8. The rest are on Windows XP Pro SP2 with a PDC running under Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1. I have installed the said Mac OS on three workstations for experimental purpose only.



1. I have already set the value to "0" on the RequireSecuritySignature of the regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanManServer\Parameter.


2. DISABLED the ff:

Microsoft Network Server:Digitally sign communications (always) & Microsoft Network Server:Digitally sign communications (if client agrees)


3. Created different Home folders for each users so that they can access to their files wherever they will log onto any workstations.


4. Enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP



1. I have successfully bind the Active Directory Domain and its Forest.

2. I have checked on the Advanced options: Create mobile account at login & Require confirmation before creating a mobile account; Use UNC path from Active Directory to derive network home location; Default use shell: /bin/bash

Here is the snapshot Services_DA.tiff Directory_Access_settings.tiff




This is what happens when I log in: "Logging into the account failed because an error occurred. The home folder for the user account is located on AFP or SMB server."


If I uncheck the "Use UNC path from Active Directory to derive network home location" and check on "Force local home directory on startup disk", I can successfully log in but there is no Home Folder.


Anyone out there who can help me with this kind of problem? I have already googled a lot of topics about this but to no avail. Maybe i have missed something with my configurations, etc, etc.

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Did you ever resolve this ? i have a very similar issue...


however if i try and log in again after the error it works (have to do this once on each mac) but for me it only happens for admin users... normal users can log in but dont get any home drives at all

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