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Imac 20" display problem...

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Hi everyone,

just got my 20 incher a week before! ;)

Everything's great except for some blemishes on the screen -it appears as though the 

luminosity is not even even.


You can take a look at the picture attached below:




Has anyone ever experienced similar issues with their displays? If so, would they be

so kind as to post pictures, or write about how they dealt with it?


Thank you all.

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does it do that on all dvd's you play? i mean that can easily be the video itself.. does it do that when you launch front row?


i've never had that problem on my 17" imac or 24" ... call apple..

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It is the display itself... It is most visible even in front row - i only have it for a week, so i'm a little frightened.

The store where i got it is located some 700miles away from my current location - and even if i was closer i still have

a lot of work to accomplish on it.


Just try it in dim, almost no light and with a black background !

As you can see my left side is gravely affected -> makes watching movies a horrible experience...

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This is pretty normal, although it's not desired.


I have two 23" HP L2335 monitors, which use the same LCD panel (LG) as the 23" Apple display. Both of them exhibit the same issue - one worse then the other. It's only visible when the screen is black or dark (like when playing movies.)


I did have one replaced because of the problem although the new one wasn't all that much better. In the end, I got used to it, and it's not a huge issue - the displays have an excellent response time but the black levels aren't fantastic and there's the same issue as you have.


The display itself will be fine and it probably won't get any worse, and will work for years like it is. It's not the sign of impending failure; just a defect in the LCD or backlight (I'm not sure which.)

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You make a strong point! I don't know if you realise this, but... If I were a person who could afford not one, but TWO

23" lcds I wouldn't have made that much of a big deal out of it... But I paid, what is considered in my country: "a great deal

of money on my iMac", and from what I got so far this seems like a pretty rare issue (on iMacs atleast). So then I ask: why

should I allow myself to get used to it? Buying hardware shouldn't be like playing the lottery - myself beeing one of those

people who never won anything - and hardware companies, and manufacturers -by their brand- should supposedly offer

guarantee that all their systems are within specs. And a brand name like Apple should probably know that better than others.

So as far as I'm concerned I'll probably have mine 'checked'...though I'm now having big fears, because it was bought some 600 miles

away from my current location, and I won't be able to do so `till summer - so I hope they'll be respectfull and honorable with me.


PS : the blemishes are actually more stringent than they look - so run a little levels over my pic to get a better idea - as I said: it makes

watching movies horrible.

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