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Final upgraded to 10.4.9


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I used JaS 10.4.9 update combo, and the latest 8.9.1 kernel w/ SSE2/3 auto FSB.


Backup your boot drive before you proceed!


1. Install 10.4.9 update combo from JaS

2. Delete r3d3.kext in Extensions

3. Replace the kernel with the one you downloaded from IRC link

4. Move AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.Kext to a backup location

5. Install loginwindows from 10.4.4 included in JaS package

6. Reboot

7. Move everything in Extensions_disabled to Extensions except




and those kexts that you don't need of course

8. Remember to edit display card kext like you've done before

9. Reboot


This works on a IBM M50 8187-45B with 865G chipset, 7600GT AGP display card. It may not work for your setup, so please backup everything before you try.


Go to IRC #1049 get the latest kernel. All previous kernels didn't work for me.


Good luck

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I completely forgotten about that I used the latest kernel found in IRC. You need to replace the upgraded kernel from JaS with this one. If you need direction on finding it, please PM me.


Replace the kernel with the latest one after you deleted r3d3 but before you reboot.


But then a few people have already messaged me about their success in upgrading, so new kernel may not be really necessary though.


One more thing, if you don't like the error message complaining "can't find r3d3.kext", you can remove the two lines that do kextload in /etc/rc file. But then its really comestic, and won't hurt a bit even if you leave them there.


Thank you!

i will try to do it !

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