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NIC Driver problem


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Hi everybody,

For my first post I have a question (off course)!

I have a latitude c640 with a 3C905 NIC

I'have just instaled 10.4.8 and the NIC don't work.

The wiki say: Take the 10.4.7 driver... all right, I have a dvd of 10.4.6 (and I hope this one work too).

Now is the question: How to extract the driver from this 10.4.6 dvd?

Did I have to install 10.4.6, take the driver, re-install 10.4.8... :)

Other thing:

How to boot in single user? (I'm sure there is a list of all kernel flag and there usage but where!!!)


Thx a lot and sorry for my bad english...

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