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Hi all!


This is my first post in this forum, I've been lurking for a long time reading and learning about the OSx86 install issues. A few days ago I made the plunge and tried to install the JaS OSx86 10.4.8 on my AMD PC. After several issues I finally got the install to go all the way through to the first reboot. Well, to cut to the point ... the install went all south from there :hysterical: ... After several different tries to revert back to my WinXP I finally came to the conclusion that I've made a major :thumbsup_anim: ...


Now, I've downloaded the KNOPPIX LiveCD and made a bootable USB pendrive with the aid of my laptop. This enabled me to verify that all of my data is still left on my HDD. I made some feeble attempts at restoring the HDD but no luck. So, I guess I have to make a new and fresh install of XP :thumbsdown_anim:


Question: Is it possible to copy my XP registry, user settings and windows directory from the "old" install over to the new one and get back to where I were a few days ago? I have all relevant data on a separate USB stick.


All of my installed programs is on a separate HDD so the actual program files are not affected by my OSx86 install.


My plan is to make a new WinXP installation (as on a new and virgin PC) and the copy all of the old windows files over the new ones. I hope that this will "revert" me back to were I came from... do you agree on this theory or is there anything else I should/can do?


Kind regards,

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This install was made on a fully working WinXP PC. My plan was to make a OSX / WinXP dual boot system.


What I did:


1. Made a new Primary partition on one of my HDD's - the one with WinXP

2. Booted of the JaS OSx86 10.4.8 AMD/Intel PPF1+PPF2 DVD

3. Formated the new partition with extended journaled files system

4. Went through the custom install process and made sure to only select the options that were relevant to my AMD PC

5. Removed the DVD as my system was rebooted for the first time

6. Stared at a black screen with just a cursor marker blinking :(

7. Rebooted the PC with the "Ultimate Boot CD"

8. Ran one of the partitioning tools to remove the MAC partition

9. Rebooted (again) so that I could be greeted by the "NTLDR missing" message :P

10. Rebooted of the WinXP install CD and went through the repair process

11. Watched how the WinXP install froze half way through

12. Switched the PC of and removed any unnecessary hardware and rebooted again of the WinXP CD

13. Same result as in #11

14. Rebooted of a USB pendrive with a KNOPPIX LiveCD install to check that my data was still on the HDD - which it is

15. Copied my "C:\Documents and Settings" directory, the "C:\Program files\ directory and the "C:\Windows" directory to another USB pendrive


And this is were I'm at for the moment.


Now, if I repartition and reformat my C: drive and make a completely new and fresh WinXP install - would it be possible to revert back to my "old" install with the aid of my backed up directories (i.e. copy the old ones over the new ones) ?


My system uses three different (physical) HDD - one for the WinXP, one for installed applications and one for "My Documents".


After I'm back to "square one" I plan to install a fourth HDD to have as a OSx86 drive ( I guess the root cause for my troubles was that I installed OSX to a primary partition that was after the WinXP one).


Any tips, ideas and advice is more than welcomed!


Kind regards,

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Phew ^_^


I'm almost back to were I started, my WinXP install is almost completely recovered by now - thank god for Linux...


I don't think I'll give the OSx86 install another try on this computer, but I do have a old one (Shuttle XPC SB95D) down in the basement that I might have a go on ....

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