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10.4.6 Installation... Hangs on Blue Screen


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Hey all,

I've got a Sony VAIO tx630p... I tried installing 10.4.6 last night and had no problems. The install went smoothly but then on my first start up, I received the b0 error. I ran the disk utility "gparted" but couldn't figure out which partition to boot from. so I ran some random partition on it, no go.


I found a simple tutorial here on the forums about just booting up the install dvd and setting the primary partition through the OS install menus... but upon trying to start up from the dvd, my computer just hangs at the blue screen now... nothing else.


Any ideas what might have gone wrong or how I might be able to fix this? I tried wiping my HD, reinstalling windows, resetting my bios, and basically going from block 1 like I did yesterday when things were working. But still, same problem. thanks in advance

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