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Problem regarding VMWare post-install Kernel Panic


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Hello, I've been toying with OSX on my HP dv2035us laptop for a few days now and I'm almost to the point of full functionality. I'm running an Intel Mobile 945GM chipset, Intel pro/wireless 3945abg, 100gb ich7 sata, triple booting vista/ubuntu/sorta-osx. I installed from Vista via VMWare using 10.4.4 install dvd with Wesley's patch.


Install went fairly well. After install, I booted from the osx dvd in vmware with commands "mach_kernel rd=disk0s1 -x -v", it also works without the -x, and all goes well, i set up the machine and what not.


I decided to get real and stop running from VMWare. Booting from GRUB brings up a grey apple screen, loads for a while, then a "no" symbol shows up, circle keeps spinning, nothing happens. If I boot from dvd "mach_kernel rd=disk0s1 -x -v" i get a huge screen full of bad stuff before it hangs at debug. I couldn't printscreen, so i took a photo of it, I will transcribe:


Extension "com.apple.iokit.IOUSBMassStorageClass" has no kernel dependancy.
Got boot device = IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCIB/AppleACPIPCI/PATA@1F,1/AppleIntelPIIXATARoot/PRID@0/AppleIntelPIIXPATA/ATADeviceNub@0/IOTAPIProtocolTransport/IOSCSIPeripheralDeviceNub/IOSCSIPeripheralDeviceType05/IODVDServices/IODVD0
BSD root: disk0s1, major 14, minor 1
nfs_boot: networking is not initialized
panic (cpu 0 caller 0x002857B0): nfs_boot_init failed with 6

Debugger called: [/size][/font][font="Arial Narrow"][size=2]
Backtrace, Format - Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
0x13773a84 : #more if needed
0x13773ac4 : #more if needed
0x13773ea4 : #more if needed
0x13773ee4 : #more if needed
0x13773fb4 : #more if needed
0x13773fd4 : #more if needed

Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 0.3.1:  #etc

Waiting for remote debugger connection.
kdp_poll: no debugger device	


I'm going to assume this is a SATA issue? How do I fix? Like I said, I can boot into OSX from VMWare without a problem. I also have full read/write access to the drive from Linux, so I'm going to assume I will be able to fix any issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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