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how to update kernel 8.9.1 without Jas 10.4.9 update


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i have Jas 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2,SSE3 v2. install and work fine in VMware. but not run native. have prolem:

cpu 0 caller 0x003A8D2F: unable find drive for this platform "ACPI"

now,I want update to kernel 8.9.1 to fix this problem. How??? help me!

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upgrading kernel


one of the first things you’ll notice is that everything seems to be going too fast in 10.4.8-JaS, the reason is that the FSB auto-detection isnt working on the built-in kernel. to fix this and get some nice performance/stability improvements, get the latest semthex kernel from irc.macspeak.net in #kernel


more information about semthex’s work and kernel can be found at his website

once you have the new kernel, backup your old on in / with the following command:

sudo mv /mach_kernel /mach_kernel-backup


once you’ve backed up your kernel, move over the new one and fix permissions:

sudo mv ~/Desktop/mach_kernel /

sudo chown root:wheel /mach_kernel


reboot your system once you’re done, if for whatever reason it wont boot or you get a kernel panic, you can switch back to your old kernel by hitting F8 on bootup after BIOS messages and type :


kernel mach_kernel-backup

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