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Transmission 0.7 RELEASED!

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Transmission 0.7 has finally been released. According to their website, here's what it offers:


After almost a year without an update, we are pleased to release version 0.70 of Transmission.


Note: From 0.70 on, Transmission for Mac OS X requires 10.4 Tiger or newer.


0.70 (2007/04/18)

New icon

Automatic port mapping (NAT-PMP and UPnP IGD)

Peer exchange (PEX) compatible with Azureus and uTorrent

Multitracker support

Better handling of tracker announce interval

Fixes bug where absurdly huge upload/download totals could be sent

Automatic tracker scraping

Cache connected peers

Many miscellaneous bugfixes and small improvements



Download and seeding queues that can be user-ordered

Speed Limit: Second set of bandwidth limits that can be toggled or


Individual torrent bandwidth limits

Separate complete and incomplete download folders

Filter and search bar

Expanded Inspector with many additional views and stats

Fragment status view in Inspector shows downloaded or availability

Watch folder to auto add torrent files

Auto resizing of the main window

Minimal view to take up less space

Seeding bar shows progress in finishing seeding

Sounds when downloading and seeding complete

Warnings for directory unavailable and not enough space

Message log window

New toolbar icons

Built-in help files

French, Spanish, German, and Greek translations



Adds Spanish, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Swedish, and

Finnish translations

Message window

Better window manager integration

Add file view to properties dialog


Sounds like it will soon be unblocked on most private trackers (Like OINK!!!):


In light of a small handful bugs exposed in 0.70 we will be pushing out 0.71 in the near future. We predict that this version should be unblocked on most of the private trackers that it was previous banned on.


Check out one of the best torrent clients out there for Mac OS X


P.S. My first attempt at creating a news article

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