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Guide to triple boot xp/vista/mac


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am really happy after i have successfully installed Mac OS X86 in my PC.


This guide is for PCs where XP n Vista are already installed.



Before startin be sure ur hardware is compatible with Mac (chk d wiki page)



Step 1: Download  Jas Intel AMD SSE2 SSE3 10.4.8 Edition from any servr


Step 2: Download Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 n above (actually 2160 build) which supports Vista

Note: The version u download shud support Vista


Step 3: Now install Acronis in Vista


Step 4: Now install OS Selector from Acronis DDS


Step 5: Now decide upon d Partition were u want to Install Mac OSx


Step 6: Now goto "Disk Management" n Delete that partition

Note: Before that backup d stuff in dat particular drive n deleting d partition does not cause any harm n don worry


Step 7:Now open cmd.exe n then type "diskpart"


Step 8: Type d command "list disk" r "list disks"


Step 9: Now select d disk in which d partition was deleted


Step 10: Now type d command below "create partition primay size=xxxxxx id=af" n press enter

Note: xxxxxx = size of that deleted partition, id=af indicates that d partition shud be Mac OS Jounaled


Now we have created d partition for installin Mac OS


Step 11: Now restart d system n check whether "Acronis OS Selector" starts at boot.


Step 12: Now insert d Mac OSX DVD n reboot d sys n chng d BIOS to boot from DVD


Step 13: Let d mac boot up n select d language n then in d next menu click "Continue"


Step 14: There will be no destination disks displayed


Step 15: Open "Disk Utility" from "Utilites" Menu n select partition that we converted to MAC OS in Vista n then click Erase


Step 16: It will erase the partition n mounts d partition


Step 17: Now select d partition n click continue


Step 18: In d install Menu on right side few chk boxes would be listed, Check d components u would like to install

Note: If u have AMD chk "AMD" n don chk intel

If u have Intel chk "Intel" n don chk AMD

If ur hardware is not listed in d menu don chk as it may give prblems later


Step 19: Now go about installin, it may take about nearly 20 mins


Step 20: Then restart d system n remove d DVD


Step 21: Now Acronis OS selector does not list Mac now boot into Vista n open Acronis OS Selector


Step 22: Now goto OS detection wizard n select d partition in which Mac is installed.


Step 23: It woud add "Unknown Operating System" Entry


Step 24: Now reboot n in d OS selector Menu ull have "Unknown Operating System" entry, click on that n Mac boots



Follow these steps carefully, then ull be able to successfully install Mac in ur x86 System.


Now am using XP/Vista/Mac Triple boot with Acronis OS selector


My system configuration

Intel 2.6Ghz HT

Intel D865GBF Motherboard


Seagate Hard disk 250 GB part into

50 <-- XP partition

20 <-- Mac OS Partition





40 <-- Vista Partition



1264 MB RAM


If u need help feel free to PM me or reply to this topic


I am posting this topic from my Mac System


Thanx  guys

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