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MAC - PC Networking Problem

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Hello guys!!!


Please someone help me I am desperate. I have done everything I could to make this network between the macosx and windows XP.


In fact, I can access the MAC from the PC... but not the other way around.


When I go CMD+K and point to: smb:// (which is the pc box)

then it asks me for the workgroup, username (win) and pass ...


then I type everything correctly.

Then it will ask me to choose the share.


then when I click ok it shows me an error message Error Code 50.




I think this is a problem with the username and password not being recognized.. but they are correct..


please someone help me!!!





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Yeah that works... A shame though, I've scoured the net for solutions and everything seems too vague. Plenty of people think the fault is at the Windows end (IRPStackSize setting in the registry too low, or a small list of others) but none of those have really worked for me.


If I try using the Finder to navigate to the shares, I can 'connect' to a PC and see its list of shares, and authenticate, but not access the shares: Alias not found error....

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