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Hacking VIA's Velocity Drivers

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Yes, I've searched and I know that the official word is that VIA's Velocity Ethernet is not (and probably never will be) supported.


However, poking around on VIA Arena, I found that VIA has released a Velocity driver for OS X (really? that's weird) dated January 2006. So I downloaded it.


Sure enough, I got the standard .exe file used for more conventional Windows installs. At this point I almost gave up, but I decided to try something that's worked for me in the path: Open the .exe as an archive in 7-Zip.


Bingo. So now I have a working .dmg archive with .kext installer. Great. I open it, OS X does the installation and I restart. Alas, the reboot freezes, and I have to reboot a second time. Now I'm back in OS X, but I get a message saying that my .kext was improperly installed. So no dice.


I believe the source of the problem can be found in the readme file shipped with the driver: The driver is written for OS X 10.2.x, and I have JaS 10.4.8.


Which brings me to the point: Can anybody help me bring this driver up to date, or is this just a lost cause? How much has changed since 10.2.x? Do I just need to tweak a few addresses, or is this still an impossibility?


Erm ... I think I may have posted this in the wrong forum. Would a mod mind moving it to the driver forum? Sorry for the Newbie mistake.

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I have no idea whether it's PPC or not. It's dated January '06, so I suspect that's a bit old.


Thanks for pointing out why it wouldn't work though.


Ok, here's what kextload -t said. I have no idea whether this means it's PPC code or not.


can't add kernel extension /system/library/extensions/getmacx.kext (validation error) (run kextload on this kext with -t for diagnostic output)

kernel extension /system/library/extensions/getmacx.kext has problems:

Validation failures:


"Executable file doesn't contain kernel extension code" = true


Authentication failures:


"File owner/permissions are incorrect" = (








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There are newer drivers on VIA site... Aug 08 and newer... I dont have a VIA Velocity chip to test them on (was gonna buy one)...


Anyone care to try them?







OSX.txt This file.

getmacx_10_2.dmg The disk image of the driver for MAC OS 10.2.x.

getmacx_10_3.dmg The disk image of the driver for MAC OS 10.3.x.

getmacx_10_4.dmg The disk image of the driver for MAC OS 10.4.x.


Thats NOT the newest ones...


Someone should try the 10.4 with Leopard and Intel ???

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