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"System config file ˜/com.apple.Boot.plist not found"

thiago sampaio

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Solution to the problem: "System config file ˜/com.apple.Boot.plist not found"


There is a long time I try to understand why my DVD driver couldn't boot on DVD of my MAC OSX, then I finally realised that it wasn't the reader, but the BIOS. I tested it with another driver and the problem was still on, but using the external DVD driver it didn't appear the error "System config file ‘/com.apple.Boot.plist not found ". My BIOS has no option to change the slave to master and my reader detected as slave. I believe that is the reason why I can not boot correctly.





Install grub and use and indication on it to the boot manager which will boot in your drivers and correct the mistake.


If your Linux is installed with grub, do this:


cp memdisk sbm.bin /boot

vim /boot/grub/menu.lst


title Boot CD - DVD

root (hd0,3)

kernel /memdisk

initrd /sbm.bin



OBS : h0,0 = hda1 = partition 1

hd0,1 = hda2 = partition 2

hd0,2 = hda3 = partition 3



If you doesn't have Linux or a partition to the grub to check the files, do this:


Create a small partition (10M ~ 100M) through a partition manager (cfdisk, gnome partition, gparted, etc...)

Boot your PC using a Linux live CD which has grub and:


sudo mount /dev/hdaX /boot

cd /boot

wget http://thiago.sites.digi.com.br/file/grub.zip

wget http://thiago.sites.digi.com.br/file/memdisk

wget http://thiago.sites.digi.com.br/file/sbm.bin

unzip grub.zip

cd grub

vim menu.lst


title Boot CD - DVD

root (hd0,2)

kernel /memdisk

initrd /sbm.bin




OBS : root (hd0,2) if hdaX = hda3


grub-install /dev/hda



Select Boot CD - DVD and ask to boot from the DVD driver, if it appear any mistake, try again.

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