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Network hassle

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hi ive sucessfully installed osx 10.4.8 on my pc, yay...


can't get my network to work

ive got the forcedeth drivers installed for my built in nforce nic ..doesn't work

ive got the realtek driver installed the card is found BUT it wont accept my routers' IP that it sends


ive checed the router info from a other comp on my network the pci nic gets an ip and the mac adress is te right one for that nic

and i have xp on a different disk on the same comp and i know that the nic and cables work as they should


i have tried to jerk out the pci Nic and disabling the nforce nic without success


with the pci nic it says that the network cable isnt plugged in wich i know it is



2 gig ram

cpu athlon xp x2 4800+

mother board asus m2n4-sli integrated NIC

asus nvidia geforce 7800 gt 256mb

pci based realtek 8139

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Hi, I am having exactly the same problem, have successfully installed 10.4.8 from the JAS disc, have the Foredeth drivers installed but I just cant get the onboard NIC on my M2N4 to work.


I also have an old Compaq (intel based) PCI NIC installed but this doesnt seem to be detected at all.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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