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OSX hangs at load


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Actually i installed OSx in my system, it went on successfully.

at d end it asked me to restart d system.

i removed d dvd n restarted d system.


Since i use Acronis OS selector it popped n din recognise d Mac partition.

so i booted into vista n used d os detector wizard to add d boot entry into d menu.

It succesfully added as "Unknown Operating System"


Then i rebooted d system, n it was listed.


Now i double clicked to load Mac OS,

Then i got d gray apple with wite background screen, with somethin at d bottom rotatin.

it rotated for at 30 sec n stopped.

i waited for nearly 15mins n d system din respond


Pls help me to solve d problem


i checked with d hardware compatibility page n found dat my H/w are compatible.

I used Jas Intel AMD SSE SSE2 10.4.8 DVD to install

My config:

Intel 2.6 Ghz HT

1264 MB RAM

250 GB HDD


partitioned into



20 <-- Partition for Mac OS








Pls help me to solve d problem







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