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10.4.8 - dual nvidia cards?


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i spent the better part of my day getting 10.4.8 loaded on my d865perl system, with pretty decent results. the initial load locked up, so i had to go in and manually delete some nvidia/geforce drivers. had some trial and error, but eventually got it running. then i was missing the network adapter, so i got a driver from a previous version and got that all working.


so right now i have a booting system, that runs decent, network, sound, etc.


video is the next issue. my pc has two video cards, 3 LCD's (all dvi)

1) nvidia geforce 6600GT (AGP)

2) nvidia geforce FX5200 (PCI)


now, I have video out of both DVI outputs on the agp card, however its just using some generic driver, so i'm 1024x768


i've tried a number of options, with little success so far. macvidia drivers had no good results, and I had to reload the entire system after that adventure. titan/natit i've been messing around with, but haven't gotten it to work. seems like anytime i drop a nvidia/geforce driver in teh extensions folder, the system freezes and i get the infamous 'reboot your computer' error.


tonight I'm going through some other docs I found and manually editing some kext files for another run at the titan driver, which i'll attempt tomorrow


am i just chasing a ghost though? any chance I can get this all working? i really just want this to work, so i can stop using windows. it's for mypc @ work. here at home i ahve a macbook pro, mac mini and a mac pro, but i've not had much luck getting my company to buy me a mac, so i've resorted to this.


does my hardware config (specifically the video cards) make this a fools errand? i know the nvidia driver stuff is sketchy at best, but i keep on trying...


any suggestions/whatever would be appreciated.

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