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Blu Ray and osx

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I recently just built a new system with 4g of ram, a intel bad axe 2 (d975xbx2), 3x300gb sata drives (4 actually but i can't have 5 sata devices in osx), and a lite-on blu ray (sata) burner. I first had a ATI x1950xtx card installed but with a fresh install of 10.4.9 and the most recent jccol method it did not work. so i then down graded to a RADEON X1600 PRO which i can get it to partially work except for green and pink atrtifacts all over the screen via DVI-I connection with my monitar, i havent tested D-SUB. So after i read this very helpful how to by gdog ( http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...amp;hl=d975xbx2 ) i went out to purchase a nvida 7600 gs card. now i get dual displays and a great picture in osx!....now however i can't get any blu ray movies to play in xp or osx--using toast 8 due to the fact that the video card is not HDCP complient.... so my question here is does anyone know a way to get around HDCP? and if not does anyone know of a video card that works using any of the known ati or nvida patches that supports HDCP?

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