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Sempron 2600+

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This will be sort of a play by play of my install on a Sempron 2600+. It's my Media Center PC that hasn't really gotten much use, plus the Laptop serves the purpose as well. I'm hoping to be able to load World of Warcraft on it. I haven't seen any posts about gaming so I want to see if it's possible.


I'm tying the install on a Sempron 2600+ right now. It's taking a LOT longer than my Athlon64, but it is installing.


MSI K8MM-V (VIA K8M800 chipset)

AMD Sempron2600+ socket 754

1GB DDR400

Radeon 9600XT

60GB Seagate IDE

Liteon DVD + CDRW


I'll report back if it's successful and what works without additional kext'n


o ya, trying the full 10.4.3 install from DVD


...so far install went smooth. I used the patcher from maxxuss. Video was recognized without an issue, QE an CI are both supported, flurry runs without issue. It does not recognize the audio or the onboard NIC on the mobo. I'm going to put an old 10/100 Intel NIC from a mid 90's era Compaq in it that has been working fine in my PC. After the OS was done loading (45 minutes) it boots fine and fast. The OS also seems very responsive. More after I get some more drivers kext'd


I just hooked up my USB external SB Live sound card. Works like a charm :) I remember I used to use it on an old PowerMac Blue n White.

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