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Bootcamp bug?


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I am having some problems with my system installation and my disk utilities recommend I take a backup and reinstall the system. Having put in the mac os x86 dvd, pushed the install/restart option on the dvd menu, the system restarts as usual, but when I hold the C button to start the dvd the screen turns black, with a white blinking _ in the top left corner, and everything stops. If I try restarting holding down the "alt" key, the menu shows my mac os x86 dvd as a windows disk, and if I push it, the same black screen as mentioned earlier appears. I have tried reading about this on the net but I not found any identical situations yet.

This is what apple support said: It sounds to me you have Boot Camp installed. That blinking cursor typically is part of the opening screen for a Window system. Is that correct? If you do, you may have run into a bug with Boot Camp.


Please help me, Im sitting her with a super slow macbook 2ghz with 2gb ram.. something is very irritating about that. How can I format and reinstall my system!!

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