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Intel 865 Chipset w/ 478 socket type "XD" not supported by any CPU?

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Well, I have an Intel 865 MOBO. I thought I would be ahead of the game by getting a 478 socket "Celeron D" that has SSE3 enabled.


I mean yeah sure there is the SSE2 patch but it just seemed more sensible to get the SSE3 chip and the price was resonable.


Now I am looking to upgrade to 10.4.3 and come to find out that no 478 socket CPU will enable "XD" support, ever.




Sure my processor will accpt PAE and SSE3 but no "XD".



The latest ISO/DVD patch will enable SSE2 & SSE3 processors with no "ND/XD" to boot and work.


Q1: So does that mean I will loose my SSE3 cabailities hence slowing my machine down when switching to 10.4.3?


Q2: Should I go out and get a faster SSE2 Northwood if my SSE3 no XD processor isn't used tp the fullest anymore in 10.4.3, or just stick with the Celeron D? Knowing regardless my 478 socket 865 chipset will never enable xd support?


What do you think?

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