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OS x x86 10.4 .DMG


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OK so I have two IBM Netvistas model UN9 with 1.8 GHz P4s running OSXx86 10.4.1 but they have no audio. The machines do have AC 97 (the specific info for this hard ware I don’t have in front of me right now.) I decided to try the new OSXx86 10.4.3 but the image is a .dmg format. I have read that I am supposed to convert this to an .iso image and then install. I tried this with ultra iso but this failed.

I tried to install the .dmg on one of the machines running OSXx86 10.4.1 but the install said failed because the machine was not a Mac I am wondering now if I got a bum copy or if this is what would normally happen.


Well any help would be appreciated.

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