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Expand 6 gig deadmoo to full capacity


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Hello all,


I'm late in posting this solution, so my detail is not as hot as would otherwise be, here goes:


It requires 3 hard disks (i used 2 sata drives and one ide) and a usb hard disk caddy. (i used a sata usb2 caddy). The prior sucessfull install of deadmoo (via what ever method you made it work. I've linked to my fave non techy way here).


1. load deadmoo on a small hard drive, as per the excellent instructions posted on: http://www.osx86.theplaceforitall.com/howto/

However be aware that there is an error located in the code. I can't recall exactly where (sorry) but all it entails is removing a space from the code provided. When I can remember i will post the exact code. If you follow the above guide word for word, watch out for the space issue (it simply won't get past the terminal bit if you don't fix that part) then you will have a 6 gig partioned functioning drive. Here's where my plan takes effect:


2. Now do the same thing again to another hard disk. Follow the prior guide, only this time do not mount the new drive.


3. Get yourself the final (3rd) hard disk that you want the full capacity os install to live on (most likely your biggest / fastest drive). Attach the 2 additional drives to your macbox. Boot into the already configured os x disk (see step 1) then use disk utility to transfer / back up the (step 2'd) second os disk to the final destination disk. (This only works on non active / running) os disks. Repair disk permissions on the 3'rd drive then power down the computer. Remove the other 2 disks, so that alll you have connected as your master disk. is the final - 'transfered to' hard disk.


4. Boot from your new drive to see that it has installed to the full hard disk. (You can partiion to any size above 6 gigis during step 3 if required.) Now follow the http://www.osx86.theplaceforitall.com/howto/ speed up tips on your new system.


Note: this method will erase all data on all drives used, but you will have 1 full capacity drive + a back up drive to restore from if you have issues with installing new software (like itunes / quicktime updates). You can also clone out as many 'backups' as required.


Hope this helps, it's been a few weeks since i did this, so my memory is a little vague. :blink:


System spec:


asus p5g board (same spec as described in the how to guide)

p4 64bit 3.2gig cpu

1 gig ram

HP add2 card

200 gig sata drive

usb2 sata external hard drive case (check www.microdirect.com - only place i found that sold these).

pioneer 110 dvd drive


full supports all the gubbins, runs quick with a sub 8 second boot time. ;)

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