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Wireless kill switch


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First post on this forum, top quality, and mostly helpfull.

A great thanks to all.


I have the 10.4.1 installed and it works just perfect.

Except :

No sound (It doesn't matter much), bu worse no networking.

The machine is installed in dual boot.

With Mac Osx not Ethernet, no wifi, no bluetooth.

PCMCIA and smartcard reader are not recognized


With Windows Ethernet works fine,,but both Wifi and Blutooth are disabled PCMCIA and smartcard reader get "discovered and reinstalled" at each reboot of windows after a Macosx boot.


Concerning the wifi it seems that Mac OSx has send a Kill swith = yes to the machine.


The machine was a XP only before installing OSx, so the install of OSX must have disabled a number of features.


If anybody has an explanation/solution or know where to find more information of what happens it would be most appreciated




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