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Still waiting for root drive


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I installed Mac OS X in the third partition of my SATA hard drive, using VMWare and the installer DVD (I don't have a DVD burner, so I used it to mount the iso image).


Everything works out perfectly in VMWare. The thing is that, when I try to boot Mac OS X (I used the chain0 method) it takes a while and then shows a "forbidden" sign in the middle of the screen. When using -v to boot, I can see that it gets stuck in "still waiting for root drive".


I've read about this problem, and appearently it has to do with the Hard Drive not being Master. I've checked mine and it is not set in any mode, it doesn't have the little plastic "thing" (sorry for my english, i'm a foreigner).


So, any ideas of what should I do?


EDIT: My motherboard's chipset is an nVidia nForce4 Ultra, CPU AMD 64 3200+ Core Venice. In the BIOS the hard drive appears as Fifth IDE Master. The First IDE Master is the DVD Drive :S




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