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Help for the gray screen


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I installed the MAC on my PC according to the folloing steps:

1. installed WinXP on the first partition

2. create another primary partition, id=af

3. install the daemon to use the iso file.

4. install vmware 5.

5. In VMWare, create a VM, used the af partition, cdrom to the iso file.

6. Install the MAC in VM successfully,after install successful, power off in VMware.

7. copy the chain0 file to c:\

8. modify the boot.ini, add c:\chain0="MAC OS"

9. Restart the computer.

10. Select the MAC OS start option, start the mac system.


11. After the apple screen flash appear, the screen became gray, no color at all, but it can work. I fill the registeration info there.


12. Restart the PC and enter the Winxp system, start MAC in VM, the color will be OK.

13. In the MAC of VM, delete the ATI*.* in /system/library/extensions folder

14. Restart the PC and enter the MAC system, the screen still gray.








Anybody may help to?

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