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Generic Installation on 945P Chipset


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ok, i know there were some discussions about this but i still didn't get crear picture of what i should do to install MacOS X. i believe it'd be insteresting for some other people.


my configuration is: ASUS P5LD2, P4 3Ghz 630, ASUS GeForce 6600 based, 250 gb Seagate SATA HDD (with some primary partitions, first is WinXP and it's critical not to harm it. the last partition i've left for OSX - around 30 gb), i also have got 80 gb ide hdd which i could spare for OSX if that'd be needed, although if i get it right, i better stick to SATA.


my target: make dual-bootable system with WinXP (already installed) and MacOS X.


my problem: can't get through installation proccess due to invisibility of my drives (both in destination selection and in disk utility).


first question: which DVD-version to choose. as i undestand there're some versions of 10.4.1 (original + patcher and differently pre-patched), mine is pre-patched that has "WTF?" where user agreement should be. there're also 10.4.3 which, if i get it right, has some improvements and better compatiblity with 945P (correct me here if i'm wrong here), but not yet fully... patched :) so i should forget about network and something else for a while, which is not too critical right now.


so, in any case, should i find somewhere (where?) patches for 945P chipset and merge them in DVD ISO (how?) so i could install the OS after all. i would feel much better then, when i could try playing with all these kexts and settings and so on, because right now i feel pretty helpless and practically i know almost nothing about Darwin and stuff and i have to be careful about my present installation of XP. thanks in advance.

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