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Tiger x86 on Sony Vaio PGC-K315S

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Now i have register on this great Forum ! :)


Ok, i have installed the deadmoo vmware image with linux via dd direkt on my harddisk with unmounted system.

(Tutorial with all drivers and tweak's coming soon, i think about an completly image)


My System:

Sony Vaio Notebook, PCG-K315S


My OS:

Apple OS X 10.4.1 Tiger X86 (deadmoo image) (25min install time over ethernet)

Microsoft Windows XP Home Service Pack 2 (realy, ahm ok...)

SuSE Linux 9.0 Professional (Yeha i love Linux and Solaris :) )


My Hardware:


CPU: Intel Mobile Pentium 4 3,06Ghz [sSE,SSE2,SSE3 no HT :'-(]

RAM: 512MB Infineon (2x256MB Sticks) DDR 333

HDD: Futjitsu MHT2040AT 40GB

DVD: PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K14 (16x24x24)

VGA: Ati Mobility Radeon 9200 (with real 9200 chips) 64MB VRAM

DISPLAY: Sony Vaio LCD 1280x800

LAN: Realtek RTL-8139 PCI Fast Ethernet

USB: USB2.0 NEC or something Chipset

AUDIO: Realtek AC97

FIWI: IEEE 1394 Texas Instruments OHCI compatible

PCMCIA: Texas Instruments PCI7420

MOUSE: USB Logitech Optical Notebook Mouse (3 button/1 wheel)

MOUSE2: API or something Touchpad

MODEM: CXT AC-Link Modem for Ali

MAIN: Sony Corperation Q-Project Rev 02




Ok i think that was everythink...


And now everybody, i can say, Tiger x86 runs perfekt von this Notebook, ok

somethings doesn't work soon.


Tomorow i try to run my graphic card, my sound and my dvd to burn me up :P


When everythink will running, i make an ISO with all drivers.


Ah i need all unpatched files for SSE3 suport, i found the unpatched kernel but no unpatched coregraphics

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I'll be back :P


So Maxximuss ?? Ok this Patch in version 0.5 is installed

I Think my kernel emulating sse3 now, f*** this not ok!


I have an SSE3 CPU, {censored}, i change this again tomorow

All other thing's running now, and now my rosetta is working, but

a little bit to slow for me, ok that's the sse3 emulation what i don't need ;)


I search for an Kernel and/or try to update 10.4.3 x86


Tomorrow, i give an report


Sound is not working yet, i have not enough time to patch the .plist to my AC97 Vendor ID etc.


Cya and good Night everybody


*oh i see the iso image is comming soon, with installer and hmm updating system? we will see... i need time and i have no time :P*




Ah i forgot...


CPU: running perfekt

RAM: running perfekt

HDD: running perfekt

DVD: running perfekt (can burn)

VGA: only VESA2.0 (1024x768) is in work...


LAN: is working, but every restart tiger found a new network card an i have to reconfig them :'-(

USB: is working only 1.1 mode

AUDIO: not running yet, is in work...

FIWI: running perfekt

PCMCIA: can not test it :D

MOUSE: is running perfekt, and my new Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0 is running perfekt :)

MOUSE2: is running perfekt (Touchpad)

MODEM: can't test it now...

MAIN: i think, it runs ;)

CHIP: -"-

SOUTH: -"-


Ok, last replay this night

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Have you gotten everything to work, I'm thinking of installing on my Sony PCG-K13.


No not everythink works, but iam leeching 10.4.3 at this time, i loading for 3h and in 2h it's ready :) i love germen internet connections :huh:


I will installing it tomorrow and then i tell hier about my expirence and give you an answer, ok?



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Guest goodtime

What is the Max res for your ATI Mobility 9200 RADEON Card?


If you got it to work in a wide screen format, can you post your patches or hacked KEXTs?

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