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How to install Apple.OS.X.x86.10.4.Generic.Install.DVD ?


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So here it is...

I have unrared Apple.OS.X.x86.10.4.Generic.Install.DVD.part01.rar -> Apple.OS.X.x86.10.4.Generic.Install.DVD.part51.rar and get Generic-Tiger.iso and Generic-Tiger.md5 !


Then i burnt these 2 files on the DVD using NERO Premium -> Create Data DVD.

Burnt successfully!

Then i rebooted the PC and went into bios -> first boot device = CD rom

Quit and save from BIOS.

After that i rebooted PC and there was written Boot CD.. and found nothing, so i get back into WIN XP !


What did I wrong ? Do I need anything to do before rebooting the PC ?


My PC :

AMD64 3000+ 939pin Venice

Gigabyte mobo


Gigabyte 6600GT



I would be very happy if anyone can reply fast and clearly :D


Regards, Mikko :(

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I stopped...

I burnt and it booted...

But I can't see my harddisk?!

I have 200GB SATA Maxtor running @ Nforce4 chipset Gigabyte MOBO.

Any suggestions why (I have searched the forum a little, but found nothing useful) ?


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