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OS x86 won't boot...


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First I'd like to excuse my english, it's not my mother tongue, but i hope its understandable.


I've installed OS X (tiger-x86-flat.img) after this guide, downloaded the chain0-file (i also tried it with the chain0-file from the Darwin-x86-CD), placed it in the root of C:, edited my boot.ini correctly - but it won't boot...


Then i tried WinGrub, put


title MacOSX

root (hd0,1)

chainloader +1


in my menu.lst (yes, the devices-numbers are correct - through quite long GNU/Linux-experience I'm quite familiar with GRUB), but its the same thing:

Black screen with a _ in the upper-left corner, nothing happens (except my HDD clattering...).


Could anybody possibly help me? Answers in german ('cause I'm from Austria) would be extremely great, but i'd be glad about every answer.


tia, Omertà

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