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Intel D945GCZL Motherboard, Intel GMA 950, ICH7, SigmaTel STAC9220, DDR2 - Compatiable with OSX86?


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I am ready to build a system, but need some input on motherboard selection... The only remainig questions I have would be for the Intel D945GCZL motherboard.

  1. Will OSX86 run with the Intel GMA 950? Will I be able to adjust the display settings like with the Intal GMA 900?
  2. Does the 6 chanel SigmaTel STAC9220 audio work under OSX86?
  3. Will OSX86 recognize PC2-4200 DDR2-533 memory?
  4. Will the ICH7 southbridge work?

I have searched all over the web an have been unable to find answers to the listed questions above. I am itching and ready to buy... I have the memory, case, psu, SATA 120 GB hard drive, DVDRW, and floppy already. Just need the mobo and cpu. I want to go with an intel mobo and a P4 630... I would hate to spend $100 on a mobo and not be able to upgrade it later with newer technology.


Any suggestions? Or should I just get one of the inel 915G mb's instead? Is there another mobo that would be better?



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Here's the thread with the 945G info. GMA950 and ICH7 appears to be fine.


All standard RAM types are fine


Check the HCL, the 945G thread, and search on these forums for the soundcard.



Thanks, Tak... Your comments were usefull in debugging my install. I now have my system up and running. I ended up buying a new Dell Dimension 5150 and using it for my system, It has the following:


P4 630



Sigmatel STAC9220 audio

Intel GMA950 video

Intel Nic


I haven't got the audio working as of yet. I had to install from my 10.4.1 DVD image to an IDE hard drive then edit the AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext file to get the system to boot from the SATA hard drive. Several of the patches I initially used didn't have all the correct settings for the ICH7. I added several patches and it seems to be running well. I did get an initial xbench of around 62, bu now I am in the 40 range. Not sure why the drop, must be one of the patches I added. I am so new to mac/linux, its going to take me a bit of time to figure out how to edit settings to get my system perfect. I just need to figure out a way to get the audio to work and I will be golden for now. I still want an actual Mactel when they come out, maybe after the price settles. I hear they are comming out with an iBook and iMac in January...



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