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Help Please <drivers and stuff>

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After reading all the success i finally installed OSX 10.4 generic onto my laptop and god its a dream come true.but i have a few probelms

my laptop is a HP dv 4049 < only available in the middleeast region>

anywayz as far as i know it has the soundmax chip on board which i beleive is a AC'97 chipset. any ideaz how i cud get that working? plus my graphics card is GMA 915 and it doesnt seem to function ie. i cant change resolutions.

and lastly the most important thing, my pc has windows on another partition, but mac starts off from the first one. Now the problem is unless i pop the mac os dvd in, it wont boot into os x 10.4 it goes to checking for DHCP and goes pxe missing... n restarts...

Thank you all... < i would have used to search function but since i have to submit a assignment tommorw, i have to work in the computer lab which is a bit faraway.. >

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