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I hacked me up some sound!


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Well under the deadmoo image I had sound out of one speaker (strange). I installed the dvd image and had no sound whatsoever. After alot of work I got the one speaker setup working again.


I tried doing the sound setup in the Wiki, but I did not have an AppleAC97Audio.kext file so I searched and found a post that had the kext to download but only for Nvidia boards (I have a PM800 or something like that, made by Via I believe). I downloaded it and installed it. No sound.


Then I used this file to do the Wiki process. There is not a *Other Id's* line though so i erased all of the id's already listed in there and added the *Other IDs* line with my hardware info as follows:

**Other ids**0x30591106

finished the wiki. it didn't work. rebooted. comp would not reboot.. tried using the platform=x86pc arguement and it booted with sound in one speaker. (Just so you know I had tried the x86pc arguement before and that was not what fixed the sound).


Couple of notes on the wiki that were unclear for me. When you get your Vendor ID and device ID you have to actually switch them around from what you probably got from linux or windows. anyway and be sure to ad 0x in front of it.


Until we get real drivers (IF we do) I can handle the one speaker setup. I did go into midi setup and toyed with it, but it's almost like the other speaker is dead. .. nothing. Oh well. I'm happy :-)


I'm glad I finally have some help I can offer. i've been using this site for weeks now stealing everyone else's how to's. I doubt many people will find themselves in the position to where they need to follow this.. ..think mine might have been a rather unique case.

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