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Poll: How many bought/will buy a PPC Mac because of OSx86?


Did you buy a PPC Mac or will you buy one in the next six months due to OSx86?  

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  1. 1. Well...

    • I already bought one!
    • I'm buying a PowerPC Mac within the next six months
    • I'm waiting and going to purchase an Apple Mactel
    • I'm just going to run a hacked version on a normal PC!
    • I already owned a Mac!

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So yeah...poll is pretty self explanatory...how much business has OSx86 drummed up from Apple? I learned a lot using it, and it caused me to sell my NX9010 notebook (which weighed 40 pounds and barely ran OSx86) and buy a new iBook. I even got my free iPod mini for being a student ;)

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