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iPartition, changing partition size -- wiki ambiguity.


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Bear with me; the wiki states as follows:

UPDATE 4: If you have access to a real Mac or another OS X PC with iPartition (runs in Rosetta, or natively on a PPC Mac) installed, and if your hard drive is solely for OS X, you can expand the HFS+ partition that way, plug it back into the PC and see the results. iPartition is similar to Partition Magic for Windows. It will not work if ANY partitions on the disk are in use, so you MUST boot from a different hard drive and you CANNOT do it on your PC unless you have two hard drives to do this with.


DANGER: Using any partition program that was designed to be run on a real Mac to alter your disk will likely make your harddisk unbootable and data irrecoverable. They setup their paritions in a way that a REAL Mac's OpenFirmware wants them to be, not the way your PC needs them to be. If you use a partition program made for real Macs you run the risk of requiring total hard disk reformatting. (Your HDD won't be "broken", you'll just need to reformat, with not much chance of data recovery )


iPartition does recognize the HFS+ Partition BUT does not let it be resized..

OK, so which of these two statements (my bold) is true?


I haven't easy access to a Windows PC -- my partner uses an iBook, and I'm not f****ng with my blue-tack and duck-tape liquid-cooled media centre for all the tea in China. Any other real Mac users with experience here please chime in.

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