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Boot Loader doesnt Like SATA :(


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[sorry mods if i have posted this in wrong section... plz move to proper section]


i have to start this with some background information so that everyone understands properly.


well let me start with my situation from Past 4-5 years. i have been using multiple operating systems from the time i got my first PC [P-III]. in the inital days things were easy, Win 98 and Win 2000 used the ntldr and it was pretty smooth...


later even with linux it was smooth with lilo but then i started facing problems cos if any particular OS is corrupted i have to take lot of pains to reinstall it and use lilo again then i came across the best Tool on the planet XOSL which almost sloved all the problems, not before i take care of some precautions.


with Windows NT based Operating systems ntldr [NT Loader] takes care of the boot loader/boot menu but it is also a big cause of problem when you want to keep all Operating System independent.


so this was the solution i came across..


Situation: 3-4 OS's to Install

Interface: IDE

HDD: 1

OS: Windows 98 SE, Windows XP, Linux [any Distro]


> first make 3 primary partitions and remaining extended on the first Primary partition.


> install Win 98SE [extract XOSL in a directory in first partition]


> then use a linux disc [i used slackware linux], go to prompt.. and use cfdisk and change the boot flag to second partition... [if we dont do this.... Win XP will dump ntldr to win98 partition]


> use Win XP Disc... and install Win XP on second Partition....


> then use a linux disc, go to prompt.. and use cfdisk and change the boot flag to Third partition...


> then install Linux on the third partition.... install lilo in the same partition/root partition...


> then use a linux disc , go to prompt.. and use cfdisk and change the boot flag to first partition... and boot into win 98 ... hit F8 and go to Command Prompt .. then go to the XOSL directory and install XOSL ... restart ..configure all Operatiing systems... and use it happily...




Later when i had problems with any OS ... win98 or Win XP or linux...


> just go to command prompt on win98 uninstall XOSL then... just use a linux disc, go to prompt.. and use cfdisk and change the boot flag to the particular OS partition... and reinstall that particular OS.... after that.. go to Win98 command prompt install XOSL... configure ... reboot...live happily...


well that was past.... and now the situtation with me has change... i got myself a 160GB SATA.... and i come across all kind of problems...


Situation: 4 OS's to Install

Interface: primary SATA secondary IDE

HDD: 2

OS: Win 98 SE, Win XP SP2, Win 2003 Server SP1, Slackware 10.2

MotherBoard: Intel 865GBF


Win98 doesnt have SATA drivers... still i installed Win 98 SE on SATA drive 1st partition [3GB]... it doesnt boot normally.. but the safe mode is working properly... this made me go ahead and install the other operating systems...


Win XP [sATA Partition 2, Primary],

Win 2003 [sATA Partition 3, Primary],

Slackware Linux 10.2 [iDE Partition 1, Primary]


after all the installations .... i came to Win 98 command prompt.. installed


XOSL... rebooted... and XOSL just doesnt start... :(:)


now the situation is i have to use all the 4 OS's .... [i can ignore win 98 , its basically for XOSL... ] ... i dont know any other alternative way to get everything working... all the OS's are installed and are sitting in there own partitions... i just cant access them to work :( .... XOSL works on DOS based OS... DOS doesnt support SATA... bottom line..


XOSL doesnt work with SATA...


[im typing this from my Win XP OS ... i used windows XP disc .. repair... fixMBR ... it wrote MBR again... and i can access win98... used linux disc... and changed boot flag... using Win XP since then]


[ well my friend Harrobbed told me to post this here... since he sees lot of helpful guys around... ]


thx for reading

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