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HP Laotop zx5000

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System Specs:

Hp Pavilion Laptop zx5078

Radeon 9200 mobile graphics (64mb)

Pentium 4 - 3.06GHz

512MB Ram

XP on first partition

OSX on second


I have OSX installed on a second partition of mine and it the boot selector used is darwin. I try and boot into OSX and i get the gray apple loading screen and then after a minute or two a box comes up over the apple and says i need to restart my computer in like 5 different languages. Booting in safe mode does nothing. In verbose mode i see that it is hanging after it looks for a remote debugger. Here are some pictures of my problem in verbose mode. Any help would be appreciated!




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safe mode does nothing for me, nor do any of the other commands ive tryed including






or any combination of those


the only thing that helps out to get rid of the debug message is using



but i get another problem where it gets stuck on a line starting with USBF: ..... loading into sleep

something similar to that


i am on a laptop which comes with an extremely limited bios and i cant disable USB which ive seen on other forums/posts that that is how they got rid of the error and were able to boot


Is there anyway i can just get rid of the instruction to load USB devices in Darwin or maybe even get a copy of MacDrive and look for some kext file and delete it if it relates to USB. I only say kext because i hear a lot of people saying that deleting kext files or adding new ones helps booting and other issues.

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bump... anyone have this problem?



Are you trying to use Jas's 10.4.8 dvd? If you are, then I think the iso that you dl'ed was corrupted. I had the same problem where it asks you to restart when I tried installing OSX on my pc. When I got the new cd, it booted the cd fine.

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