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finally a keyboard layout solution!

Thico Alves

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Hi guys, I'm sorry if what I'm going to say is not news to you, but I found something on internet that is absolutly great for our hackintoshes. I have a fully OSX instalation working here on my PC, except for the keyboard layout, and it's really anoying! So I found an interesting program on net that solved my problem! It's called Ukelele, and with that you can customize your keyboard layout graphically! It's really awesome! Then I made a keyboard layout for the Brazillian ABNT2 keyboard (90% of the brazillian users have this keyboard on their pc's). I'm attaching the file on this message. To install it, just copy the file to \Library\Keyboard Layouts and then logoff/login. It should appear on the International -> Input Menu on System Preferences as BRA4. Select it and start using! It's wonderfull!! For users of other keyboard layouts you can make your owns using this program and then share they here! The program's site is: http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.ph...item_id=ukelele


I hope I had helped with something!


Thico Alves.


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