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Installation Problem - Disk Utility Error - JaS ISO Repack


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I have created a hfs+ 10GB partition to work with on an 80GB hard drive. I downloaded the Jas ISO Repack 10.4.7 torrent...Darwin boots fine, I choose english as my language, then up comes a dialog box explaining I have an error. It allows me to shut down, reboot, save log and view log. I viewed the log and this is the error message I received:


"Installer [105] unable to load nib file: PagedInstaller, exiting\n"


Basically I went up to the utility menu and tried to choose a partition for the dvd to boot from, but the only one that was given was the dvd itself, no hard disk!


That was strange so I went to the disk utility and, oddly enough, there was no icon for it, but when I click on it, disk utility doesn't start. All the other programs in that menu (like computer specs) work, but not disk utility. Could this be a bad download? Are there any suggestions for me?


BTW, I'm running an Intel Celeron Processor 2.93 and I already have a 10GB NTFS partition running windows with a logical 60GB ext2 partition for my docs (so I don't have to defrag :| ) and then I created the hfs+ partition for my os x install.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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