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Install Deadmoo and dual boot from BIOS


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I had a look at the expanded image, and saw the first sector is a MBR (partition table) and sector 64 is the boot sector. The PC bios expects to read from head 0, track 0, sector 1. Copying with dd does work, but the first sector it will write to is sector 64. I added to the end of dd bs=32256 (512x63) skip=1. This puts the boot sector in the right place on sector 64. I booted from dos floppy, and using an old sector editor copied the MBR from the image file and wrote it to the first disk sector, so the mbr is also in the right place.

I built PC from ASROCK 775dual-915gl, 400gb sata WD, and loaded deadmoo on an old 20GB drive. The motherboard bios allows F11 bios boot menu to choose any boot device. The large wd drive has multiple partitions of XP. I have not yet finished the installation, but most works.

The MBR must be type AF, it seems this is checked by the boot sector, and Darwin.


I have fdisk'ed this with dos fdisk, and formatted an additional partition without harming the deadmoo.

So my dual boot uses 2 hard disks, and I boot either from the bios startup.


Now added old ati 9000 agp, and can only get 1024 x 768 on the mac, like a default setting. Was getting 1280x1024 from integrated intel 900.

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