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It is alive! Alive, I tell you!


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Hey all!


Last night the thing came to life! After much fuss trying to do a native install to a separate partition on an already dualbooting system (XP + openSuSE 10.0), which almost succeded (DVD installation went fine all the way, but the new system didn't boot - figured out why later) I took a radical turn and wiped the drive (XP neede d refreshing anyway, kind of sory for all the fiddling I'd done with suse). I then did a new install from the marklar DVD, this time inserting the key element for succes - zeroing out the begining of the partition. Seems that the Darwin bootloader fancys this and will not always fire if not installed on zeroed sectors. No need to zero out the whole partition, just a 1-2% to clear the boot sector. All went fine afterwards. It started up nice, froze after the final configuration (just before displaying the desktop for the first time), but after a reset it works like a breeze.


Got networking (wired, haven't tried wireless yet, but I think its unsupported) and sound (AC97 from Realtek, i think) working fine. Also the System Information reports the DVD writer, but haven't fried anything yet. Will try that. Other than that, didn't realy have time for much else (finished the instalation last night at 4 AM).


Will keep u updated as I do other stuff.



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