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Hey, once again i hoe it works


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Hey im getting tiger-x86.tar.bz2 over the torrents again and want help installing it onto a partition because last time i did that i made a BIG mistake and wound up deleating evreything ;) yea i know im stupid


i deleated my hard drive


so insteada gettin myself pissed off again because it takes a week to download and 1 hr to get xp and all the stuff back i figured why not get some help this time


i would love to have some 1 on 1 help installing osx to a partition over msn / aim w/e (for aim please tell me if you would like to help because i goto go get it and i dont like it) so add me to your msn mine is maxstunts@gmail.com because md9173@hotmail.com has been hacked, the same day i deleated my hard drive thinking i would have mac osx :)

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