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[How To] define Vendor and ID Ranges to be accepted


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I just found a useful little tutorial, somewhere down in the Outta-Rim-Territory of the darwin space.


Instead of define exact types of hardware in the .kext / Info.plist, it would make more sense to define a

whole range.


This would support different types of cards by one vendor with just one workaround for all, for example.







Matches a device whose vendor ID is 0x1011, and device ID is 0x0026, including subsystem IDs.



<string>0x00789004&0x00ffffff 0x78009004&0x0xff00ffff</string>


Matches with any device with a vendor ID of 0x9004, and a device ID of 0xzz78 or 0x78zz, where 'z' is don't care.





Matches a device whose class code is 0x0200zz, an ethernet device.


Source link click here


Hope you find this useful.

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