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why X86 can't see my CD-Rom ??

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My computer is Pentium 4 2.6 Ghz Ram 768 Mb




This is my CD-Rom.....(I can't see all CD-Rom)




I check from wiki...It's support X86 !!!





I don't know why X86 can't see ...(X86 to be through Maxxuss-SSE2-Patches-v0.5c)??

Because when I put CD or DVD in CD-Rom... It's not show CD on destop X86 !!



But, in Window It work well...!!!

I don't sure; it not work because I'dont set Bios ??



Please tell me; If you know how to repair it.....thank man !!


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I Think this is my Chipset !!!








How about it .....Is it support to CD-ROM ???


Now i set my CD-Rom is master in XP it canuse.......But it can't use in X86 !!!


Please Check for me .......Thank man :(

Try to boot with platform=x86pc that is what worked for me

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