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OSx on AMD chipset?


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Well, I use OSx 10.x(cant remember the exact build) at school for my graphic design class, its a nice machine. Of course, its a powermac G4, but im in love with the OS. I've always wanted to save up, and get my own mac for video editing and stuff for the home, but didnt have the money. To read all this stuff, is amazing to me.


Before I try, and before I fail and get frustrated at myself/computer, here are my current system specs and what I have installed on my PC, and could someone tell me if I can install MacOSx on it? I'd do a clean install, and run ONLY OSX on it, if I could get it to detect and use my wireless card (LinkSys) so I didnt have to piddle with settings and such.


Anyhow, my PC Specs are as follows:

WinXP, Home edition (2002 version)

AMD XP1800+ chip (1.53ghz)

256mb RAM, that will soon be 512.

RADEON 7000 series 64mb vid-card


I also have a Sony DVD writer, and a generic CD burner below it. Two hard drives, one 20 gig (system drive), and a 60 gig media drive. Plugged into my computer, via USB I have, my webcam (can live without, so I dont care about it. Never use it.) My flashcard reader (256mb flash card), my Wireless Card (LinkSys), and thats it.


Now, please someone tell me. Can I run MacOSx on my machine? There are soo many diffrent articles related to this whole fiasco, I dont know where to look. All I know is, I want to run it here, I want it to work well with my wireless card (I pretty much only use my computer for internet in here, and media/mp3s/videos) and i'd love a new project.



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Alright, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.


Looks like i'll be doing it on that old PC


Just to clarify, if the outdated HP doesn't support sse2 you can't install it on that either. It's sse 2 support that is the issue, not the chip company.


To answer your next question, zcpu tells you if your chip supports sse 2.


Keep reading the forums, it will start to click eventually. Read read read.

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its cpu-z


And it's available here - http://www.cpuid.org/cpuz.php


Note that the download link is in tiny letters up in the top left under 'download latest version' - I mention that because I was on the phone to someone trying to talk them through identifying their system and they couldn't find that download link, it's really small!

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