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Comptaible 56K serial modems

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Compatible 56K serial modem?

Does Sweex serial modem work?

Please help.

thank you.

Serial modems should work because they don't need drivers.

In every Unix (OSX86 is Unix) you can control it directly via the at commands to make a connection.

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I've got a small problem... My modem dials out the connection starts... then nothing..

CD comes up but as far as I can tell the connection will not complete???

Is it possible that the handshaking routine is not initiated?

And if not how do I go about getting it done?

Under linux I set wvdial to use stupid mode else I can't connect to my ISP...

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D



Ok after a bit of research... I found that the Zoom V Series uses a similar chipset (Connexant) and probably therefore uses the same command set...

So far my Best Data 56SX-92 External Serial Modem seems to be working well with that selection.

Hope this helps someone else .....


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