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change partition back to windows after install...


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How do you change the active partition back to the windows partition after jas 10.4.7 install ?


Because when I reboot after I install osx, say's windows cannot boot !


I guess this is because the active partition is on the osx partition ?


Please help this is so frustrating !!!


Is there something in terminal I have to do after the install ???? :2cents::)

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I only have a recovery windows xp sp2 disk! :hysterical:

Is there another way change the active partition ?

Maybe from inside osx after install.

If so how would I go about doing this ?

Thanks for the help :D


Hopefully you've gotten this fixed by now, but if not, you should be able to do the same thing with the XP recovery disk. Just make sure you press 'R' when prompted in order to enter recovery mode. Then follow the instructions given above.


Good luck! :)

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