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/com/apple.Boot.plist Missing


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I am new here but plan on becoming an active member. Anyways I downloaded Mac-OS-X-10.4.7-AMD.Intel-(JaS)-ISO-Repack from Demonoid and booted up VMWare for a install on my Computer (WinXP SP2) but when it goes to boot up the installer I get this error:



System config file /com.apple.Boot.plist not found



I decompressed the download from .RAR and inside was a .iso . I ran VMWare and set the ISO path to the ISO like I normally do to install Linux or run Linux live on my VMWare. I DID NOT USE Dameon Tools like the guide says...Could that be my problem?


I read the guide included:


===== bezeek presents: =================================
======================================= 08.23.06 =======


In the ISO I have the following files:


(FileName - FileType)

BOOT.  - File
BOOT.CAT - Security Catalog
BOOT0.  - File
BOOT1H.  - File
BOOT1U.  - File
BOOTHELP.TXT - Text Document
CBOOT.  - File
CHAIN0  - File


I provided as much information as I thought nessicary if you need more just ask :-).


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please, help me


I do it NOTT32 do and in my computer (mobo: ga-p965-ds3, cdrom - ide, hd - ide, vmware 5.5 - workstation, windows xp - sp2 - professional, jas mac os x86 10.4.8 = sse3 - intel ) but not ok here. The error is:


system config file '/com.apple.Boot.plist.' not found

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