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[Help] The hackintosh can't wake up and get black screen when push the button

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Hello experts,


Sorry to bother you and any suggestions would be appreciated.


My motherboard is a MODT model and integrated with 10885M CPU. Right now, macOS 13.6 has been installed and looks working fine but the sleep/hibernate functions don't work as expected. If possible, I apply for the ACPI patch of my system. The problems are:


1. The system can't wake up even the USB ports are configured, the USB keyboard or Bluetooth board are the same.

2. The power button can wake the system up but all USBs have no power (the LED on USB was off) and keep black screen.


My hardware configuration:

MODT motherboard 10885M

RX570 4G


94360CD WIFI




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7 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

Post ur efi folder here. Remove ur serials if u have a valid one.

Hello Boss,


I wrote a new EFI but the issue is still there. Please ignore the SN info and I will take a new SN when the sleep works.

In addition, I noted the macOS always generates a crash log after I push the power button to wake it up forcibly and I also attached it to the ticket.

EFI.zip crashLog.txt

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