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Ventura on OptoPlex 3060 MFF installation help (not booting to Apple screen)


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Hi everyone, I am attempting to install Ventura onto OptiPlex 3060 MFF, and have used the Dortania guide. I used `macrecovery.py` to download the latest MacOS 13 image (only a ~700MB `BaseSystem.dmg` file). After getting all the Ktext and using SSDTTime to make the SSDTs, I also used modGRUBShell.efi to unlock CFG Lock (verified with `ControlMsrE2.efi`), and also set DVMT to 64MB. I am able to get to OpenCore screen, and then choose the second boot option, which is `USB drive name (External)`. After that, lots of console text appears, and then ends up with a black screen. It never gets to the screen with Apple logo + progress bar. I attached the most recent log file, my EFI package, and a Config.plist. I've also ran `ocvalidate` on Config.plist and it did not return any errors. Below is a snippet of the first time I see error codes. I'm not sure if this is where the error starts, or other things are involved. Please let me know where to start troubleshooting. Thanks!


90:750 00:016 OCABC: All slides are usable! You can disable ProvideCustomSlide!
90:767 00:017 AAPL: #[EB.H.IS|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV boot-signature 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82
90:783 00:016 AAPL: #[EB.H.IS|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV boot-image-key 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82
90:799 00:016 AAPL: #[EB|H:IS] 0
90:816 00:016 AAPL: #[EB|LOG:INIT] 2023-09-18T19:23:55
90:937 00:120 AAPL: #[EB|VERSION] <"bootbase.efi 577~170 (Official), built 2023-04-15T04:14:26-0700">
90:955 00:018 AAPL: #[EB|BUILD] <"BUILD-INFO[400]:{"DisplayName":"bootbase.efi","DisplayVersion":"577~170","RecordUuid":"66DF046F-46FD-4D43-8276-80823DCE6890","BuildTime":"2023-04-15T04:14:26-0700","ProjectName":"efiboot","ProductName":"bootbase.efi","SourceVersion":"577","BuildVersion":"170","BuildConfiguration":"Release","BuildType":"Official","Compiler":"clang-1403.0.22.11","SdkVersion":"13.4","SdkBuild":"22F47","TargetArchitectures":"x86_64"}">
90:978 00:022 AAPL: #[EB.CFG.DEV|!] Err(0xE) <- RT.GV booter-strict-xmlparser 7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82


Config-clean.plist EFI-troubleshoot.zip opencore-2023-09-18-192224.txt

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