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Mac Mini (late 2012) questions

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So, my hackintosh died, but, my step dad gave me one of these as a stopgap, which is great. But, I have a couple questions. Its the Core i5, with the 500Gb 5400rpm HDD 


So, first up

replacing the drive. I have a 1Tb ssd, which is running the catalina OS for it, just fine, but, its in a wavlink usb HDD enclosure/dock thing. Is it worth paying someone to replace the internal one with this, or, should I attempt it myself? Im not useless, but, it makes me nervous haha


The other thing is, when using the dock, I can have 2 x HDD in it. I have the SSD with the OS, but, if I add a 2nd HDD, the mac wont boot, at all. And of course I cant add it when its on. Is this a known thing? I actually have another dock coming, just a single, as, I will need one for another purpose anyway, but, i am thinking, if the OS SSD is on the single one, it should be ok with the others attached? I mean, I will find out when i get home but wanted to ask the question


If all goes well with the above, last thing is, is it worth looking at the opencore patching thing, to get monterey or the like on it? Or, will it be buggy and super slow?

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